TourCast 50: Ninja Turtles Need Smut Too

This week Gage, Ant and Shane bring you the best content on the internet! Probably! The guys talk about the latest sports news, superstitions, boobs in movies, Ninja Turtles porn parodies and a Burger King Spa. Enjoy!

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The ‘talked about’ trailer.


TourCast 48: Knitting from Where?!?

This week on TourCast Jon, Shane and Ant take on the hosting duties and bring you solid content from the world of entertainment! The guys talk sports news, basketball greats, the start of baseball season and more! Plus you’ll never want to wrap yourself in a blanket made by the woman from this week’s story. Plus more Urban Dictionary Words of the Week plus Would You Rather!

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Vaginal Knitting Article/Video – NSFW