TourCast: 2016 Wrap Up Show

Shane, Gage and Ant bring you the best of 2016! Listen in as the give a quick update on sports news before they dive into the top Movies, Shows and anything else from 2016. Also they answer fan questions and give you the last Urban Dictionary Word of the Week of the year!

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TourCast 44: How to Piss Your Pants without Pissing Your Pants.

It’s the One Year Anniversary of TourCast! We’ve been making this shoe for a full year now and we’re excited to share it with all of you. This week Gage, Shane, Jon, Ant and Fatboy sit down and talk some sports news, the local news in Winchester, VA, our favorite moments over the past year from the show and we watch a guy piss his pants without actually pissing his pants. Enjoy!

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Guy Pissed Himself while being arrested, WTF?