TourCast 41: I’ll Throw An Alligator at You!

This week on TourCast Gage, Shane and Ant are back with new equipment! The guys go over the crazy news stories from the Super Bowl, early off season NFL news and some NBA open questions! Also we recorded this on Valentines day because we love you! Oh and some guy in Florida threw an alligator at a fast food restaurant. Listen now!

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TourCast 40: The NFL is Fixed, Rigged & All About Money.

Gage, Shane, Jon, Ant and Ethan are in the studio this week to fully preview Super Bowl 50! The guys make their picks as well as go over some popular Prop Bets for the big game! Oh and talk about how the NFL is ‘fixed’. Also on this episode: sports & NFL news, the Urban Dictionary Word of the Week, and the worst things to find in your bathroom! BONUS: at the end of the episode, hear Gage get angry about how Shane texts (Warning: loud audio). Enjoy!

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