TourCast: New Monopoly Pieces and Chicken Taco Shells

Gage, Shane and Ant are back this week to talk to you about sports and the latest news around the world. This week the guys talk about the NFL playoffs, the NCAA Championship Game and the Los Angeles Chargers? Also the guys answer fan questions, react to the Urban Dictionary Word of the Week, and breast pumps. Also the guys discuss possible new Monopoly pieces, new Lay’s Chips flavors and Taco Bell’s newest menu item. Listen in now!

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TourCast 46: California Girls and Homeless People

This week on TourCast Jon, Ant, Gage, Shane and RJ talk about the latest sports news including more NFL signings, NFL suspensions, the NFL and concussions and an update on the Golden State Warriors! And it’s time for March Madness! The guys run through their picks for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Also on the show the guys talk about hot girls in California who give homeless people hand jobs and Ear Candling!

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TourCast 37: We Won The Lottery!?!?

Ok, well we didn’t but Jon, Ant, Shane and Gage talk about what they would do with all that money! Including topless maids, the Playboy mansion, and a boat!

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