TourCast 50: Ninja Turtles Need Smut Too

This week Gage, Ant and Shane bring you the best content on the internet! Probably! The guys talk about the latest sports news, superstitions, boobs in movies, Ninja Turtles porn parodies and a Burger King Spa. Enjoy!

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The ‘talked about’ trailer.


TourCast 48: Knitting from Where?!?

This week on TourCast Jon, Shane and Ant take on the hosting duties and bring you solid content from the world of entertainment! The guys talk sports news, basketball greats, the start of baseball season and more! Plus you’ll never want to wrap yourself in a blanket made by the woman from this week’s story. Plus more Urban Dictionary Words of the Week plus Would You Rather!

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Vaginal Knitting Article/Video – NSFW

TourCast 37: We Won The Lottery!?!?

Ok, well we didn’t but Jon, Ant, Shane and Gage talk about what they would do with all that money! Including topless maids, the Playboy mansion, and a boat!

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TourCast 35: Mushroom Stamp Mount Rushmore


Shane, Gage and Ant talk sports news, bring in the new year and talk about which National Monuments they would ‘hodge’. Later the guys are joined by RJ and their friend Fatboy to talk about their New Year Resolutions. Listen in now!

TourCast 34: Chocolate Goodness


Gage, Shane, Jon and Lacey are back this week to talk about sports, Sex Robots and having sex with your siblings. Listen now! Enjoy!

We want to know what your New Year’s Resolutions are! Submit what you have and we’ll read them on the show and judge you or agree or sympathize!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Special!


SPOILER ALERT!!! On this special episode Gage, Shane and Anthony bring you a podcast dedicated to Star Wars: The Force Awakens! And it’s totally off limit, this podcast is filled with spoilers so do not listen to this show unless you have seen the movie! Listen at your own risk!

TourCast 28: Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?


Anthony, Gage, Shane and Jon are back this week and with you first as always for all the latest sports news! Then right after that the guys discuss the some of life’s mysteries. Such as; Who is the biggest asshole? What childhood fears do we have? And is a hot dog a sandwich?