TourCast 60: Our Top Movies

I love dumb stock images. There areĀ way too many stock photos of dogs holding a drink and popcorn to make it look like they’re watching something. Why do we need that?

This week on TourCast the guys talk about how good the Patriots are, discuss NBA Hall of Famers and more in sports! Also the Urban Dictionary Word of the Week, Ant’s vacation and we discuss some of our favorite movies!

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TourCast 39: Stats At the End of Your Life

Gage, Shane, Jon and Amber are on this week’s show to talk sports news, touchdown dances, and the Pro Bowl. Then the group recaps the 2016 Blizzard and talk about what stats they would want to see about their lives after they die. Listen now!

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TourCast 7(b): You Won’t Like Shane When He’s Angry


Hey all! Sorry we missed a week! I had some technical difficulties (I explain everything in this week’s episode) with last weeks show. So very sorry about that, i know how much you all ‘love’ us. All 5 of you. Anyway! Here is this week’s episode! Join Shane, Ant and myself as we talk about the NFL Draft, Tom Brady being a big fat cheater face, completely spoil Avengers 2 (IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE YET, DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT PART OF THE EPISODE), then we go over the Death Penalty, short term memory loss and recap Apple Blossom 2015! Listen now!