TourCast 21: It Was In My Mouth!


Gage, Ant and Shane are back again this week to bring you the latest sports news! Also the Urban Dictionary word of the week, plus all it’s related words. The guys talk about the Ashley Madison leak and go over movie titles that are wildly different in other countries. To end it all, the guys take the Bean Boozled Challenge! Listen to the audio and find the video to go with the challenge later in the episode! (VIDEO BELOW)

TourCast is hosting a Pigskin Pick’em Group on! CLICK HERE or the link below to join our group and pick against us every week! Bragging rights and a $50 Visa gift card are on the line in this league! (Yes that means you could win $50 if you win the league, oh boy!) Join now and get ready to make some picks! LINK

TourCast NFL Pick’em League

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