TourCast 16: I Miss Patrick Swayze


On this week’s Episode Gage, Shane and Ant are joined by Kelly as they talk about all the latest sports news! Also┬áthe meaning of life, Amber Rose, the year 2015, conspiracy theories, the Urban Dictionary Word of the Week, Today’s Holidays and Creepy Text Fest! Listen now!

TourCast 15: Lubed Up Olivia Munn


Episode 15 is here! New! and Awesome! Gage, Shane and Ant take time and talk about sports and sports news! Plus this week we had our FIRST FAN SUBMITTED QUESTION/TOPIC!!! Listen to hear it now! And if you would like to hear your topic discussed on the show or question answered, let us know! Comment here or on our facebook page and we’ll put it in front of the guys to talk about!

Also, the guys discuss space travel, super hero movies, snoop dogg, the Urban Dictionary Word of the Week, Creepy Text Fest, Would You Rather and the guys make YOU feel OLD! Listen now!

Olivia Munn gets lubed up for X-Men

Snoop Dogg tries to make the catch

Batman vs Superman – Comic Con Trailer

Suicide Squad – Comic Con Trailer

TourCast 14: The Charizard, With Love.


TourCast episode 14 is here! Listen now as the guys talk about Sports News, Shane’s Bachelor Party, Weird Movies, weird things we do in public, Bill Cosby’s Disco Album, Craigslist, The Urban Dictionary Word of the Week, Creepy Text Fest and many more!

Rhino Charging Person

Ya’ll Ain’t Gon’ Sleep Lady

Jimmy Fallon Tight Pants Skit with J-Lo

Jimmy Fallon Tight Pants Skit with Will Ferrell